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The Play Grove

The Play Grove is a whimsical nature play area nestled at the intersection of the Meadow Walk and River Loop Trails. Explore, imagine and more through a variety of activities, such as:

  • Balance & Jump — Test your grace and agility through a path of wood beams, colorful tree trunks, and logs.

  • Stacking Wood — Use a variety of colorful stacking wood to create a structure, a game, or anything else you can imagine.

  • Ribbon Room — The woods can become a magical place when you walk through the colorful entrance to this special space.

  • Gnome Homes — At this unique open workshop, build a structure for your favorite gnome or fairy using a variety of natural objects found in the forest.

  • Willow House — Enter this charming structure constructed with forest material and and let your imagination run wild as you play.

  • Hammocks — Take a quiet break on our colorful hammocks and sway along with the riverside breeze.

  • Swing — Release your inner adventurer as you swing from a tree and prepare for your day of exploration.

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