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Mindbender Mansion

Mindbender Mansion takes the concept of brain puzzles and stretches it into the framework of an amusement-park attraction. Immerse yourself in an eclectic world of brainteasers and interactive challenges guaranteed to test the brain power and problem solving skills of even the most experienced puzzlers. Gather hidden clues and secret passwords scattered throughout the various thematic rooms of the house by solving brainteasers and mind puzzles. You’ll have to think outside the box and work with other mansion guests to meet challenges that combine the best of childhood playfulness, mental acuity, and teamwork.

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Destination: Space!

Destination: Space! highlights the art and science of space exploration and celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission’s moon landing. It features three special exhibitions:

  • Sun, Earth, Universe
  • Planetary Landscapes: Works by Ned Kahn
  • One Giant Leap: The Moon Landing’s 50th Anniversary
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Air Works

“Air Works” (April 14–September 3, 2018) features interactive exhibits and specially-designed engineering tinkering activities that examine the properties of air and explore the science behind controlling and using this invisible substance in our everyday lives. For exhibit details, visit For the full press release, visit (All press photos on this page are by Oliver Parini.)

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Montshire Museum Photos and Logos

Here is a selection of copyright free photos you can download for your publication. We do require that you provide a credit to the photographer as listed below. Each photo is a JPEG saved at 200-300 d.p.i.

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Bubbles - Science in Soap

Bubbles: Science in Soap is a completely new and re-imagined exhibition that incorporates pure experimentation, hands-on learning, and a touch of whimsy for adults and children. It opens March 7, 2015

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Astronomy Day

Celebrate science and the wonders of the Earth. Join us for a day of planetary and astronomical exploration during Astronomy Day.

Museum education staff and guest astronomers will provide a full day of activities for learners of all ages, covering topics from what’s up in tonight’s sky, to activities exploring the large scale process that drive our planet’s systems.

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Igloo Build

Learn the inside scoop of building a simple-yet-elegant igloo and other snow dwellings from expert Dr. Bert Yankielun.

Come experience Igloo Build, one of the longest-running traditions at the Museum. Learn how to build an insulated, sturdy house, strong enough to support the weight of a polar bear. Dubbed the #1 Way to Winter Fun by Yankee Magazine (Jan ’09) and a “Top 10 Winter Event” in 2009-2010 by the Vermont Chamber of Commerce, the Igloo Build is fun for the whole family.

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