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Summer Camp

Camp registration is now OPEN on Campsite.

There is currently 1 spot open in Explorers starting on July 15!

Campsite Links

If you are NEW to Montshire Camp this year, you will need to set up your camp registration account first on Campsite HERE

If you have an EXISTING account on Campsite, login HERE

Nine-weekly summer camps beginning June 24 through August 23, 2024.

**Campers may sign up for ONLY ONE session of EACH REPEATING camp offered**

Daily: 9am - 4pm (Cost: see below per/camp)

Extended Care: 4 - 5pm (Cost: $30/week)

New! Late Pick-up Policy:
Due to limited staffing, we have a late pick-up fee for camp and Extended Care of $10 for each 10-minute block of time. For regular camp sessions, this will start at 4:10, and for Extended Care 5:00pm. For the first day of a late pickup, the first 10 minutes is waived. Payment will be taken using the credit card on file.
Example: If a Camper is not signed up for Extended Care, a pick-up time of 4:25 would result in a $20 late fee. ($10 for 4:11-4:20, $10 for 4:21-4:30)

Week 1 - June 24 to June 28, Two Sessions
Nature Detectives: Entering grades 1 and 2 (WAITLIST ONLY)

Nature Detectives uncover the secrets of the forests, rivers and fields near the Montshire. They use science tools, keen observation skills, and big questions to make meaning from the mysteries hidden in nature. If you want to be a Nature Detective too, join us for a fun filled week of equal parts playing, crafting and inquiring, right here in the forests we call home. ($335/ Member, $350/Non-member)

Explorers: Entering grades 3 and 4

The forest is calling. Will you answer? As an Explorer, it is up to you to peer beyond the next bend in the trail, and over the next rise. You’ll seek the mysteries hidden under logs, amongst the ferns, and in the secret moss covered stretches of forest where few visitors ever tread. Explorers dare to go beyond the usual sights at the Montshire, and find some of our forest’s hidden gems! ($335/Member, $350/Non-member)

Week 2 - July 1 to July 5, Two Sessions

Nature Detectives: Entering grades 1 and 2

Explorers: Entering grades 3 and 4

Week 3 - July 8 to July 12, Two Sessions

Nature Detectives: Entering grades 1 and 2 (WAITLIST ONLY)

Explorers: Entering grades 3 and 4 (WAITLIST ONLY)

Week 4 – July 15 to July 19, Two Sessions

Nature Detectives: Entering grades 1 and 2 (WAITLIST ONLY)

Explorers: Entering grades 3 and 4, 1 Spot Open!

Week 5 - July 22 to July 26, Two Sessions

Nature Detectives: Entering grades 1 and 2 (WAITLIST ONLY)

Explorers: Entering grades 3 and 4 (WAITLIST ONLY)

Week 6 – July 29 to August 2, Two Sessions
Creators: Entering grades 1 and 2 (WAITLIST ONLY)

Get building as a Creator! Over the course of a week you’ll get to create various contraptions with new friends while learning how to use tools like hot glue guns, drills, and saws. You’ll also learn how to power some of your creations with electricty and apply different forces to make them move. You’ll also get outside to enjoy the museum exhibits and grounds with your fellow campers. At the end of the week, family and friends are invited to a showcase where you can share the creations you’ve made over the week ($360/Member, $375/Non-member)

Inventors: Entering grades 3 and 4 (WAITLIST ONLY)

Master the engineering design process and bring your ideas to life! As an Inventor, you will learn to solve problems through engineering by designing and building your creations to complete different challenges. You will also get to use several tools includng hot glue, power drills, and saws. At the end of the week, family and friends can come by for a showcase of all of the inventions made throughout the week! ($360/Member, $375/Non-member)

Week 7 - August 5 to August 9, Two Sessions

Inventors: Entering grade 3 and 4 (WAITLIST ONLY)

Makers: Entering grade 5 and 6 (WAITLIST ONLY)

Makers take the engineering design process to the next level with more tools and complex designs. This week you’ll have the freedom to design and build your own creations to solve problems that you want. Camp educators will help you develop your skills with engineering challenges and instruction on how to use various tools including power drills, saws, and more. There will even be time to enjoy the museum inside and out with new friends, and then share your creations with friends and family at an end-of-week showcase. ($360/Member, $375/Non-member)

Week 8 - August 12 to August 16, Two sessions

Creators: Entering grades 1 and 2 (WAITLIST ONLY)

Inventors: Entering grades 3 and 4 (WAITLIST ONLY)

Week 9 - August 19 to August 23, ONE session

Nature Detectives AND Explorers: Entering grades 1 through 4 (WAITLIST ONLY)

A combined camp of multi-age campers for the final week of summer!

Summer camp at the Montshire

Social Narrative

Use our Social Narrative to see what a day at Montshire Summer Camp is really like:

​Have further questions?

Find our FAQ HERE.

Montshire is currently hiring for Summer Camp Counselors!

Apply HERE.

About Montshire Summer Camp

The Montshire offers a variety of day camps with exciting opportunities for learning, exploration, and discovery.

Each week is thoughtfully designed to create a unique camp experience that includes hands-on exploration, experiments, careful observation, quiet and active times, games, water play, and more.

Refund Policy:
Cancellations made prior to May 25 receive a full refund, minus a $40 administrative fee. Cancellations made on or after May 25, and up to three weeks prior to the camp session’s start date, will receive a 50% refund. Cancellations made less than 3 weeks before a camp session’s start date are not eligible for a refund.

Plus (click or tap to expand) + Montshire Summer Camp Staff

Montshire Summer Camps maintain a camper-to-instructor ratio (7:1), ensuring individual attention is given to each camper.

Our staff members are well-trained and knowledgeable, with a variety of interests and experiences, and a love of working with children. Each staff member undergoes extensive training with the Montshire’s full-time science educators, and is proficient in safety and first-aid procedures.

Montshire is currently hiring for Summer Camp counselors: Apply HERE

Plus (click or tap to expand) + What To Bring To Camp

  • ​Lunch and mid-morning snack. Lunch boxes should fit in a daypack. Please include a small bag for lunch trash, as we practice a carry in/carry out policy.
  • Small water bottle. We always have extra water at our campsites to refill.
    Wear sneakers or other shoes appropriate for running and exploring to camp. No flip-flops or Crocs, please.
  • Raincoat. No umbrellas please. Boots optional. We do activities outside in rainy weather. In the case of thunderstorms or other severe weather we will bring the children inside.
  • Camp clothes. Clothes your child can get dirty are the best. You may want to include a hat.
  • Masks are encouraged indoors but not required.
  • Swimsuit, towel and water shoes. Water shoes are required when swimming or exploring.
    Bug repellent & sunscreen (optional). We always have extra sunscreen but do not provide bug repellent.
  • Daypack for the listed items. Please leave other items at home.