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Montshire’s forty-three year legacy is stewarded by a passionate team that ensures our fiscal health, envisions our strategy, and safeguards our future. Montshire administrators work closely with our trustees and other volunteer leaders to strengthen our impact on our community and secure our role as a leading science educator both regionally and nationally.

In 2012, the Montshire’s board and staff launched the first phase of the Montshire 2020 planning process to articulate our unique attributes, refine our mission and strategic priorities, and guide our planning. The 2016-2020 Strategic Plan articulates the vision and goals that have propelled our projects over the last four years.

Montshire Museum Board of Trustees, 2019-2020

Scott Brown, Chair - Board of Trustees

Clay Adams

Emily Anderson

Charlotte Bacon

Cinny Bensen

Michael Bettmann

Gina des Cognets

Jeremy DeSilva

Suzanne Dudley Schon

Ethan Frechette

Gail Gentes

Joseph Helble

Al Keiller

Jenny Levy

Margaret Rightmire

Rob Seelig

Peter Stein

Bill Thomas

Michele Tine

Kathy Welling