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Membership Levels and Benefits

Benefits of Membership

You belong! And your membership support makes a real difference. The Montshire is committed to offering members the best experience possible. A membership at the Montshire is flexible for your family’s needs and a great way to support science education in northern New England.

As a member of the Montshire, you’ll get:

  • Unlimited visits to the Montshire for 12 months for the number of people selected
  • 10% savings at the Museum Store (20% savings for Donor-Level Members)
  • Invitations to members-only events and exhibit openings
  • Discounts on educational programs
  • eNews subscription for 12 months

Membership Levels

Pick the membership level that best suits your needs.

Membership Level Membership Rates
Individual Membership $80
Two-Person Membership $115
Four-Person Membership $140
Six-Person Membership $165
Six Person Warm Welcome Membership $30
Eight-Person Membership $190

Through our Warm Welcome program, reduced price memberships are available to low-income Vermont and New Hampshire families. Please review the guidelines carefully.

Donor-Level Memberships

​Choose a donor-level membership to support science, education, and community, and to enjoy elevated membership privileges.

  • Everyone who contributes more than the selected membership fee is considered a donor to The Montshire Fund. Our donors are very special members who partner with us to make the Museum accessible to the entire community.
  • Donors of $250 or more receive expanded membership benefits, including free guest passes and a complimentary Caregiver Card.
Donor-Level Memberships Rates
Supporting $250–499
Contributing $500–999
Patron $1,000–2,499
River Society $2,500+

Plus (click or tap to expand) + Caregiver Options

  • You can extend your membership privileges to allow caregivers, such as babysitters, nannies, and grandparents, to escort your children under the age of 18 to the Museum in your absence.
  • Purchase a Caregiver Card for $30 when you become a member or at any time while you are a member of the Museum. Caregiver Cards are free to donor-level members.
  • Caregivers must be at least 16 years old and must show a valid Caregiver Card, your Membership Card, and an ID. Up to two caregivers’ names may be listed on the card.
  • Your Caregiver Card is valid for the length of your membership.

Use our membership form to buy a Caregiver Card

Plus (click or tap to expand) + Membership Guidelines

  • As a Montshire member, you receive a card that lists up to two adults from the same household. We also keep your membership on file at the Museum.
  • As long as one of the adults named on the membership card is present, you can bring friends, other family members, and neighbors up to the number allowed by your membership level.
  • Membership purchases are non-refundable.
  • Total group size (including members and guests) is limited to the number on your membership card. Children under age 2 are admitted free and do not need to be counted in the total. If the total group size exceeds the membership size, you may upgrade your membership to the next membership level.
  • Membership and member benefits are not transferable to other individuals, groups, or organizations. Cards may not be passed to friends, relatives, or others for admission privileges, and your membership cannot be used to obtain discounts for other friends or relatives. At least one adult listed on your membership card must be present for each visit.
  • Please show your membership card and photo identification at the admissions desk.

Plus (click or tap to expand) + Membership Options for Grandparents

If you and/or your grandchildren live nearby, there are membership options available that will fit your needs. Please note that children are not members, so an adult Member or Caregiver needs to be present to use a membership.

  • Two Memberships—Two memberships ensure that both your household and your grandchildren’s have full membership benefits. (Each household can buy a membership separately, or you can give one as a gift.)
  • Gift Membership—Choose a membership size large enough so you can visit with the whole family.
  • Gift Membership plus Caregiver Card—As a grandparent, you can buy a Gift Membership for your adult children with an associated Caregiver Card for yourself, which enables you to bring your grandchildren without the members (parents) coming along. Without your own membership, however, you must pay admission when visiting alone or with others.
  • Gift Membership plus Passbook—Passbooks offer you a discount on 12 admissions and they never expire. You can accompany your grandchildren and receive discounted admission.
  • Membership plus Two-Day Pass—You will have full membership benefits and your grandchildren can visit twice in a 10-day period for up to 25% off the regular admission fee.
  • Membership plus Passbook—You will have full membership benefits, plus 12 discounted admission passes for your adult children and grandchildren. The passes never expire, and you do not need to accompany family members when they use the passes.
  • Donor-Level Membership—With a gift of $250 or more, you will have a Six-Person Membership for yourself plus guest passes to share with your grandchildren if they visit the Museum without you.

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