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Team & Leadership

Montshire Museum Board of Trustees, 2018-2019

Jay Benson, Chair - Board of Trustees

Clay Adams

Emily Anderson

Charlotte Bacon

Michael Bettmann

Scott Brown

Gina des Cognets

Suzanne Dudley Schon

Justine Fahey

Ethan Frechette

Gail Gentes

Joseph Helble

Alan Keiller

Frank Leibly

Jenny Levy

Margaret Rightmire

Rob Seelig

James A. Smith

Marcos Stafne

Peter Stein

Bill Thomas

Michele Tine

Kathy Welling

Montshire Museum Staff

Courtney Adams, Development Coordinator

Genevieve Amarante, Explainer

Anne Charron, Office Coordinator

Gary Collins, Facilities Manager

Greg DeFrancis, Associate Director & Director of Education

Rhiannon DeRemer, Visitor Receptionist

Delinda Dupree, Finance Manager

Anne Fayen, Landscape Designer and Horticulturist

Michael Fenzel, Science Educator and Program Manager

Carol Harry, Museum Store Manager

Vicki Hathorn, Visitor Receptionist

Rebecca Haynes, Science Educator and Lead Explainer

Aaron Lamperti, Exhibits Production Manager

Kim Milliman, Development Coordinator, Events & Volunteers

Trish Palao, Marketing & Communications Manager

Josh Putnam, Facilities Maintainer

Bob Raiselis, Associate Director & Director of Exhibits

Jane Regione, Bookkeeper

Jennifer Rickards, Deputy Director

Katie Kalata Rusch, Exhibits Assistant

Lorenz Rutz, Exhibit Maintainer, Live Animal Care Specialist

Bob Shannahan, Custodian

Marcos Stafne, Executive Director

Rosie Stevens, Visitor Receptionist

Kathi Terami, Camp-in Coordinator

Sherlock Terry, Assistant Director of Exhibits

Joan Toland, Membership Assistant

Amy VanderKooi, Science Educator and Program Manager

Kate Weatherly, Visitor Receptionist

Amanda White, Visitor Receptionist

Thomas White, Assistant Facilities Manager

Ann Wickham, Manager of Visitor Reception

Jake Wiktorski, Facilities Maintainer