Membership FAQs

Which member option should I choose?

  • We recommend that you think carefully about how many family members and/or friends will visit the Museum at one time. You may wish to select a Membership that admits more or fewer people per visit than your family size.
  • Consider what you hope to gain from your membership and review the benefits closely. Are you seeking the greatest number of benefits for the lowest cost? Or, would you like to support Montshire's outreach and educational programs? If so, a donor-level membership may be right for you.

You have the ability to upgrade your membership at any time. For $20 you can upgrade to the next level and bring up to two more people for each visit.

Why do you offer a Caregiver Card? How does it work?

  • Many families request that a baby sitter or grandparent bring their children when parents are not available. We want you to visit often!
  • With a Caregiver Card, you can extend your membership privileges to allow your caregiver to bring your children (under age 18) to the Museum without paying an admission fee. The $25 fee is paid annually and the card is used in conjunction with your membership. The card will have the same expiration date as your membership. (Be sure to send both cards with your caregiver!) Depending on the number of visits your caregiver makes, this could result in significant cost savings over admission fees.
  • The number of escorted children is limited to the number on the membership card.
  • Donors who give $200 or more receive a complimentary Caregiver Card and 10 free admission passes, along with their membership. This adds even greater flexibility.

I have a large family and I'm not sure which membership to choose. What are my options?

  • Children under age 2 are admitted free and do not need to be counted toward your group total.
  • If you contribute $200 or more, you will receive a complimentary Membership, 10 free admission passes, and a complimentary Caregiver Card. This option offers additional flexibility that may work for a large family. And you'll also have the satisfaction of making a charitable gift.
  • A passbook of 12 admission passes for $144 is another option. The passes have no expiration date and offer savings on admission fees.
  • Groups of 10 or more qualify for our group rate.
  • If you find it difficult to make a selection for your circumstances, please call the membership department at 802-649-2200. We are happy to assist.

How do I purchase a gift membership?

  • A Montshire membership is a great way to enjoy rewarding family experiences at the Museum all year long. As a member, you receive unlimited visits plus special savings on programs and purchases. You can share these benefits with family members and friends by purchasing a gift membership.
  • Your recipient will receive a personalized membership card along with a message from you.
  • Please complete and submit this secure form to renew or to initiate a gift membership.

Why should I consider a donor-level membership?

  • Admission and membership fees do not cover the full cost of operations. Donors to The Montshire Fund make it possible for the Museum to be successful. Donors also help us reach families in need and provide Museum access to people of all income levels.
  • Donor-level memberships underwrite free passes to social service agencies, scholarships to Montshire programs, and school outreach programs. These memberships also allow the Museum to maintain affordable general admission fees.
  • If you contribute $200 or more, you will receive all membership benefits, 10 free admission passes, and a complimentary Caregiver Card.
  • Become a donor-level member

Do you offer a pass for library patrons?

Libraries have serveral options.

  • 1) Passbooks contain 12, one-time use admission passes that never expire. They are sold at a discounted rate of $144– a savings of up to $60.
  • 2) Low-income families with an EBT or Medicaid Card or a letter confirming eligibility for the Free or Reduced Price School Meals Program are offered $3/person admission or a $20 membership. Download a flyer for your library and help us spread the word!

I still have questions. Who do I ask?

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