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For Schools and Teachers

At Montshire Museum of Science, our mission is to awaken and encourage a lifelong interest in science through exhib­its and programming dedicated to hands-on discovery and learning.

Cultivating a love for science can happen anywhere. Through programs designed to meet the emergent needs of teachers and students, we strive to support and strengthen opportunities for science learning with schools & teachers throughout the region. Whether it’s through virtual science workshops with your students, professional development for teachers, family engagement, or opportunities to collaborate with fellow-science educators and experts, the Montshire is here to support you and your students this school year.

Visit with Students

School visits to the Montshire provide exceptional opportunities to engage students in science beyond the classroom. Learn More

Montshire STEM Teacher-Leader Certificate Program

The Montshire STEM Teacher Leader Certificate Program is designed to create and support a network of classroom teachers who have the tools, knowledge, and passion to become leaders for STEM education in their schools. Learn More

STEM Alliance School Partnership Program

Through the STEM Alliance Program, the Montshire supports local and regional teachers & schools in providing high quality science teaching and learning opportunities. Learn More

Teacher Resources

Learn More

Bring the Montshire to You

Bring the Montshire to you! Choose one or more of the following high-quality, hands-on science programs that can come to you either in-person or virtually. Learn More

Professional Development

The Montshire offers teacher workshops and curriculum coaching that provide the knowledge, skills, and curriculum resources to support K-8 science learning. Learn More