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Life in Local Waters

See fish, frogs, and turtles native to the New England region. Each aquarium is representative of a different freshwater habitat. From toads to turtles, crayfish to trout, view native species close-up.

Experience a variety of life found in local waters:

  • A warm-water tank with slow-moving water and the fish that live in that environment
  • A brook tank with cold fast-moving waters
  • A tank with shiners where visitor can watch fish schooling
  • A dedicated tank for our resident Painted Turtles
  • A tank with frogs, toads, and small fish which live in shallow waters
  • Our population of resident newly-hatched Snapping Turtles

Virtual Trout in Classroom Tank

‚ÄčThe Montshire has partnered with the Trout Unlimited Vermont Council to host a virtual trout in classroom (TIC) tank. Moving the traditional TIC classroom tank to a virtual space, this partnership will allow participating schools and Montshire website visitors to observe trout eggs as we await their hatching. Museum visitors can also see these eggs in person.

For participating classrooms, water chemistry data for the virtual tanks will be regularly posted by Trout Unlimited Vermont Council on their site. The specialists managing each virtual tank will also be periodically available via video conferences in order for students to ask questions.

For more information about the TIC program, contact Trout Unlimited Vermont Council.

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