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Discovering the Natural World

Featuring real tools of scientific research, Discovering the Natural World makes learning about living plants and animals an interactive process that will surprise and delight. Get curious as you explore interconnected exhibits that help you discover your inner scientist.

The Discovering the Natural World exhibition includes the Museum’s live Leafcutter Ants colony, a full-size moose, collections of specimens to examine and compare, a video microscope with plenty of interesting samples to make close observations of, and much more.

​In the Discovering the Natural World exhibition, you can:

  • Learn about wildlife as you examine animal skeletons.
  • Look Closely with a Microscope to identify seeds, bones, insects, plants, feathers, and scales.
  • Solve four botanical mysteries and become a full-fledged botanical detective while you learn about plant characteristics.
  • Locate animals displayed throughout the exhibition by using careful observation, critical thinking, and detailed recording of information.

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