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The Montshire Museum of Science is a hands-on science museum in Norwich, Vermont. Located on a 100-acre site along the Connecticut River, the Museum offers over 150 exhibits relating to the natural and physical sciences, ecology, and technology. The outdoor space includes miles of trails and David Goudy Science Park, which features water exhibits.

The Montshire’s mission is to awaken and encourage a lifelong interest in science through exhibits and programming dedicated to hands-on discovery and education for people of all ages. Unique to this mission is Montshire’s 110-acre New England riverfront setting, which fosters deep and creative learning in both the physical and natural sciences.

Montshire’s Year-in-Review

Thank you to the Montshire community for a fun, exciting, and science-filled 2018. Throughout the year, the Montshire has provided countless opportunities for people to engage in science, from summer camps to family visits, community partnerships to steps towards sustainability.

Learn more about the diversity of these experiences in our 2018 Annual Report. Through these stories, travel the path to discovery and learn more about the heart of our work at the Montshire.

Read our 2018 Annual Report

Montshire’s Strategic Plan, 2016–2020​

To make significant advances in how we approach the wonder of discovery and engage our various communities in the joy of science, the Museum must think strategically about our programmatic initiatives,the opportunity of our 100-acre landscape, refining our business operations, and how we communicate our story.

In 2012, the Montshire’s board of trustees and staff launched the first phase of the Montshire 2020 planning process to articulate the Museum’s unique attributes, refine the Museum’s Mission and strategic priorities, and initiate short-term projects to guide the next phase of the planning process.

This 2016-2020 Strategic Plan articulates the second phase of Montshire 2020, continuing the Museum’s planning process.

Read the Montshire’s Strategic Plan for 2016–2020.

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The Montshire was founded in 1974, and opened to the public two years later in Hanover, New Hampshire. The Montshire as we know it today opened 15 years later, and continues to grow.

The Montshire is now one of the busiest museums in northern New England, attracting about 160,000 visitors annually. The Museum’s school programs also reach more than 13,000 students in New Hampshire and Vermont.

The Museum has received grants from NASA, the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, as well as science and education foundations. In recent years, the Museum has partnered with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Vermont Center for Ecostudies and Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Dartmouth. Dartmouth College and the Museum have created the Dartmouth-Montshire Institute for Science Education.

of the Museum

From its beginnings in a bowling alley, the Montshire has grown to become a much-loved award-winning science museum.

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& Leadership

​The Montshire has a dedicated team that works together towards the same mission of fostering curiosity and providing science education for all.

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Partnerships and
Special Projects

The Montshire has developed strong partnerships to develop new exhibits, engage young scientists, and increase access to science education.

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