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Bubbles: Science in Soap

Delight in experimenting with surface tension, concocting new ways to create a bubble, crafting a foam sculpture, and injecting a bubble with mist. From bubble-inspired architecture and magic, to frozen bubbles, these images present a fresh take on the bubbles we see in our daily lives.

You’ll learn the joy, wonder, and science that can be found in just soap and water:

  • Feel, scoop, hold, and form bubble foams at the Foam Fountains
  • Experiment by filling bubbles with mist at the Bubble Domes
  • Discover the force of surface tension while experimenting with large soap films.
  • Surround yourself in a massive bubble and try talking with a friend on the other side at the Bubble Booth.
  • Enjoy a whimsical bubble-art machine that drops bowling-ball-sized bubbles from the ceiling.

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