Discovering the Natural World

Learn to identify and classify animal skeletons, go on an animal scavenger hunt, and practice the techniques scientists use to learn about nature in a new exhibition, now on view.

Featuring real tools of scientific research, Discovering the Natural World makes learning about living plants and animals an interactive process that will surprise and delight. Get curious as you explore interconnected exhibits that help you discover your inner scientist.  

Visitors studying a skull“The Montshire views science as an active process, which can be learned and applied,” says Sherlock Terry, Montshire’s Assistant Exhibits Director. “Activities in this exhibition allow you to use and practice the skills that scientists use, like observation, classification, and measurement.”  

Discovering the Natural World features:

Assemble a Skeleton — Learn about wildlife as you examine animal skeletons. Identify and classify the bones of a beaver. Learn about animal anatomy and compare skeletons of different animals, including fish, frogs, bats, and birds.

Microscope Station— Through the magnification of seeds, bones, insects, plants, feathers, and scales discover how much more you can see!

Discovering the Natural World exhibition logoSolve a Botanical Mystery — Solve four botanical mysteries and become a full-fledged botanical detective! While you solve the mysteries, learn about plant characteristics, and how these help botanists make identifications in the field.

Animal Scavenger Hunt—Locate animals displayed throughout the exhibition by using careful observation, critical thinking, and detailed recording of information.

Creation of the Discovering the Natural World exhibition at the Montshire is made possible in part by donors to the David Goudy Discovery Fund.