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STEM Alliance School Partnership Program

The Montshire STEM Alliance is a partnership program between the Montshire Museum of Science and regional elementary schools. The primary purpose is to support teachers in becoming more able to teach high quality hands-on science to their students, while also connecting the school community to the Montshire Museum.

Participating STEM Alliance Partnership schools, teachers and students receive the following professional development opportunities and resources:

  • Inquiry-Based STEM Professional Development Workshops
  • One on One Coaching with a Montshire Science Educator
  • Curriculum Materials & Resources
  • Student Science Workshops (Virtual, at the Montshire and/or in the classroom)
  • Access to Montshire at Home Family Learning Resources
  • School-Wide Professional Development Workshops
  • Annual Museum Memberships
  • Leadership Check-Ins
  • Formative Evaluation & Reporting

Schools join the Montshire STEM Alliance as part of a whole school or multi-grade band initiative.

If you or your school is interested in becoming a STEM Alliance Partnership member, please contact us at