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STEM Alliance School Partnership Program

The Montshire STEM Alliance is a partnership program between the Montshire Museum of Science and regional elementary schools. The primary purpose is to support teachers in becoming more able to teach high quality hands-on science to their students, while also connecting the school community to the Montshire Museum.

Participating STEM Alliance Partnership schools, teachers and students have received the following professional development opportunities and resources:

  • Inquiry-Based STEM Professional Development Workshops
  • One on One Coaching with a Montshire Science Educator
  • Curriculum Materials & Resources
  • Student Science Workshops (Virtual, at the Montshire and/or in the classroom)
  • Access to Montshire at Home Family Learning Resources
  • School-Wide Professional Development Workshops
  • Annual Museum Memberships
  • Leadership Check-Ins
  • Formative Evaluation & Reporting

This year’s participating schools are:

● Blue Mountain School

● Bradford Elementary School

● Danville Elementary School

● Newbury Elementary School

● Samuel Morey Elementary School

● Thetford Elementary School

● Unity Elementary School

● Waits River Valley School

● Walden School

● Westshire Elementary School

Schools join the Montshire STEM Alliance as part of a whole school or multi-grade band initiative.