David Goudy Discovery Fund

Donors contribute over $1M to honor David's leadership of the Montshire Museum of Science.

After 34 years of visionary leadership as Montshire Museum’s director, David Goudy retired in March 2015. His contributions transformed a small, start-up museum into a nationally recognized center for science learning. The Museum's Trustees created a special impact fund to honor David’s invaluable contributions to the Museum over the past three decades and to enhance the Museum’s permanent exhibits collection—one of David’s top priorities. Over the next 5-7 years, the David Goudy Discovery Fund will support a portfolio of new exhibits, indoors and out, to expand and enhance learning opportunities for visitors. The Museum’s exhibits environment is central to our mission, and it requires a great deal of strategic attention to ensure that it is relevant, fresh, and dynamic. 

Contributions to the David Goudy Discovery Fund already are having a positive impact. The Museum's exhibits team created Bubbles: Science in Soap, acquired the Big Blue Blocks, began development of Making Music: The Science and Art of Instrument Design, and commissioned a major dry stone sculpture by Dan Snow. In addition, the Discovery Fund helped create a new gallery in the Museum, increasing the total exhibits area by 10 percent. 

Generous Museum friends and supporters contributed more than $1,027,000 to enhance and expand the permanent exhbits collection—thank you.

David Goudy Warm Welcome Endowment Fund

We are pleased to announce a second opportunity to support the Museum and to honor David Goudy. A very generous donor has established a endowment fund to support Montshire’s Warm Welcome program, which provides Museum access to low-income families: free or reduced admission, scholarships, and memberships. We are seeking matching gifts, up to $150,000 over the next three years, for the David Goudy Warm Welcome Endowment Fund. For more information, please contact Jennifer Rickards at 802-649-2200, ext. 225, or jennifer.rickards@montshire.org. You may also make a gift online; choose "David Goudy Warm Welcome Endowment Fund" as the designation of your gift.

Read an interview with David Goudy about his 34 years as executive director.