Weaving Strands of Knowledge: Connecting Culture and Science to Climate Change

Lucinda Gibson

Lucinda Gibson

Lucinda Gibson, M.S., P.E., Dubois & King, Randolph, Vermont, USA.

Ms. Gibson is a Senior Transportation Engineer and Planner at Dubois & King, Inc., a consulting engineering firm in Vermont, USA. Ms. Gibson will be serving as a Project Advisor with expertise in environmental sustainability issues with a focus on designing sustainable, multimodal transportation systems and climate change resiliency planning. Ms. Gibson will be working with the American and Bhutanese university students in the areas of environmental sustainability and urban planning and will be leading field sessions in Vermont with local, regional, and state environmental planners. Her participation with the American contingent in Bhutan will both inform the project and support the students' work during their visit to the United States.

Her experience includes multimodal transportation planning, design, and engineering for walkable streets, urban transportation circulation, and multimodal traffic studies for compact, infill development. Lucinda has worked with the Washington DC based Institute for Transportation Engineers on several national guidance documents that cover innovations in planning and design of streets and multimodal transportation networks to promote sustainability and livability. She has researched and published on land use–transportation interactions and measures, focusing on the neighborhood and community. She is the primary author Complete Streets‑A guide for Vermont communities, a statewide guide for Vermont cities and towns to plan and design sustainable, walkable street networks that serve all users. She is currently working on the Vermont statewide resiliency plan to address climate change impacts on transporation infrastructure. She is also the prime author of the statewide Vermont Electric Fuel Plan, which provides detailed guidance and recommendations on the siting and design of electric vehicle fueling.

As a transportation planner/designer, she seeks to apply current research on land use and transportation interactions to infrastructure design projects. She is a frequent speaker at regional and national conferences on topics of multimodal, sustainable transportation.

Ms. Gibson is a licensed Professional Engineer and holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the University of Vermont and Master of Science in Engineering Science degree from Dartmouth College.