Young Scientist Program

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A weekly program designed to ignite and foster young children’s curiosity about the physical and natural world. (ages 4-6)

If you would like to have your child try out the program, please call 802-649-2200 to arrange for a free trial class.

Program dates for the 2016-2017 school year:

Session 1 - September 7- October 19 (7 weeks) Members $210,  non-member $230
Session 2 - October 26 - December 14 (7 weeks) Members $210,  non-member $230
Session 3 - January 4 - February 15 (7 weeks) Members $210,  non-member $230
Session 4 – March 1 - April 12 (7 weeks) Members $210,  non-member $230
Session 5 - April 26 - May 17 (4 weeks) Members $125,  non-member $135

(Register for 2 sessions at a time, save $10; register for 3 sessions at a time, save $20.)

This program for preschoolers and kindergartners integrates hands-on experiments, fun projects, and individual explorations in the physical and natural science sciences. The science investigations and natural history explorations are specially designed to introduce young learners to the tools and processes of science in an age appropriate manner.
Both Wednesday morning (9:30–11:30 a.m.) and afternoon (1–3 p.m.) sessions are offered during the Fall, Winter, and Spring terms.

A typical Young Scientist program includes the following activities:

• Free Play
• Circle and Class Meeting to introduce the day’s theme
• Hands-on Science Investigation
• Snack
• Story time
• Outside Exploration or additional Science Investigations

The Young Scientist program is taught by Amy VanderKooi and Rebecca Haynes, and two assistant teachers who help with activities to ensure every child is receiving individual attention.