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What to bring for Montshire's Science and Nature Summer Camps

  • Lunch and mid-morning snack. Lunch boxes should fit in a daypack. Please include a small bag for lunch trash, as we practice a carry in/carry out policy.
  • Small water bottle. We always have extra water at our campsites to refill.
  • Wear sneakers or other shoes appropriate for running and exploring to camp. No flip-flops or Crocs, please.
  • Raincoat. No umbrellas please. Boots optional. We do activities outside in rainy weather. In the case of thunderstorms or other severe weather we will bring the children inside.
  • Camp clothes. Clothes your child can get dirty are the best. You may want to include a hat.
  • Masks are encouraged indoors but not required.
  • Swimsuit, towel and water shoes. Water shoes are required when swimming or exploring.
  • Bug repellent & sunscreen (optional). We always have extra sunscreen but do not provide bug repellent.
  • Daypack for the listed items. Please leave other items at home.