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Sensory Friendly Hours

Sensory Friendly Hours are a time for families to enjoy a quieter and less-crowded visit to the Montshire. This event has been organized in partnership with Sensory Friendly Upper Valley, a collaboration between the Dartmouth Autism Research Initiative and the Special Needs Support Center.

During these hours, the Montshire will offer:

  • Limited participation of up to 70 people
  • Reduced sound from select exhibits
  • Quiet respite space with sensory support supplies
  • Visitor social narrative and visual planner

Upcoming Sensory Friendly Hours

  • Wednesday, October 13, 5–7:30pm

Mask Requirements

  • Masks are required for all visitors age 3 and up when indoors.
  • If masking presents a severe sensory challenge, a face shield is an acceptable substitute; masks are preferred.
  • Masks are not required outside the building unless interacting closely with others, including Museum staff.


During the sensory friendly hours, museum admission is free.

Made possible with support from the Keller family.