Insect Safari

It's a day full of live insects: from caterpillars to ants, bees to giant roaches!

Learn about the world of insects! Net insects at the Montshire fields, examine live  colonies in the Museum's exhibits, or get a close look through microscopes at the Science Discovery Lab.

10:30 Insects Up Close – use magnifying glasses and microscopes to examine local insects. Science Discovery Lab.

11:15 Cockroaches – touch and hold giant hissing roaches from Madagascar. Discovering the Natural World Exhibit.

12:00 Pond Water Critters - explore the hidden insect life in pond water. Science Discovery Lab.

12:45 Leaf Cutter Ants – learn about a complex insect society as you help care for the ant colony. Discovering the Natural World Exhibit.

1:30 Insect Safari – grab a collecting net and head out into the meadow to look for insects. Science Park.

2:15 Honeybees – find the queen bee as you examine the life cycle of honeybees. 2nd Story.

3:00 Pond Water Critters – use microscopes to examine aquatic insects up close. Science Discovery Lab.

3:45 Cockroaches – look for insect adaptations as you touch and hold giant tropical roaches. Discovering the Natural World Exhibit.

4:30 Leaf Cutter Ants – look for soldiers, larva, workers, and the queen ant. Discovering the Natural World Exhibit.

Upcoming Dates & Times:

  • Saturday, July 21, 2018 11:00am - 4:00pm