Puzzles, Shapes, and Things that Move

What has teeth but can’t smile? Can you solve a puzzle based on how shapes fit together? And what about a machine larger than you that creates a cacophony of sound and movement with the turn of a crank? Discover the ways that moving objects, unique shapes, and mind-bending puzzles can stretch your thought processes with this set of exhibits about movement, machines, and geometry.

Knot Topology

Knot Topology Puzzle out some of the geometry of knots and topology Learn More

Lariat Chain

A delicate steel chain dances and jitterbugs as it moves Learn More

Red Waves

A circular flag that spins and billows when turned from below Learn More

Resonant Pendulum

Resonant Pendulum Can you move a 3-ton rock with a piece of string? Learn More


Create your own rollway designs and test them with a partner Learn More


A top-spinning exploration of movement and momentum Learn More

Solve It! Puzzles, Math, & Problem-Solving

Solve It! Puzzles, Math, & Problem-Solving Test your problem-solving skills with puzzles and games in a new exhibition, now on view. Learn More

Spin Table

A gently-spinning table that encourages exploration with balls and disks Learn More

Stairway Rollway

A long rollway on the Andy's Place stairs with sounds Learn More

Time Machine

Time Machine Spin the knob to view movement that can't normally be seen by speeding it up or slowing it down Learn More

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