Light and Sight

Can light bend around a corner? Why can some people not see the same colors that you can? Are there kinds of light that we can’t see, but that we can feel? Learn more about how we see, and play some optical tricks on yourself with this set of exhibits about light and sight.


Kaleidoscope View Science Park a whole new way through a kaleidoscope Learn More

Observation Tower

Observation Tower View the surrounding environment from high above the museum building Learn More

Observation Tower Viewer

Far becomes near with this telescopic viewer at the top of the Observation Tower. Learn More

Polygon Mirrors

Angled mirrors can create what appear to be complex shapes from ordinary objects Learn More

Texture Tunnel

A tunnel with textures on the way to the Andy's Place aquarium Learn More

Time Machine

Time Machine Spin the knob to view movement that can't normally be seen by speeding it up or slowing it down Learn More

Wind Wall

A side of the Montshire tower dances and responds to passing breezes Learn More


Zoetrope Create your own cartoon and watch it play Learn More

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