The Earth and Astronomy

Take a walk to the end of our solar system and back in an afternoon, discover why mountains are differently shaped depending upon how they formed, and see the latest images from NASA and the Hubble Space Telescope in these exhibits about the Earth, the planets, and the universe.

Jovian Clouds

Jovian Clouds Change the spinning speed of this sudsy, liquid-filled, sculpture to observe the smooth, laminar flow devolve into turbulence. Learn More

North Woods - Temperatures

North Woods - Temperatures See the difference in the temperature underground and 25 feet in the air! Learn More

Numerals of the World

A large clock in the center of the museum with several kinds of numerals noting the time Learn More

Planet Walk

A scale model of the solar system that is over a mile and a half long Learn More

Planetary Landscapes

Planetary Landscapes A visually-stunning exhibition modeling the dynamics of planetary change Learn More

Turbulent Orb

Spin this sudsy, liquid-filled, sculpture that mimics the Coriolis effect that causes swirling clouds above Earth's surface and creates the striped bands of color on gaseous planets like Jupiter and Saturn. Learn More


A computerized exhibit with current and historic weather information Learn More

Windows on Earth

Windows on Earth View the Earth from miles above, or swoop down to see details Learn More

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