Visit this set of exhibits featuring creatures from the past and present. They range from ants that are actually farmers, to a live colony of honeybees you can see close-up, to salmon and turtles, and information about the life processes that connect these animals with birds, insects, and even human beings.

Looking Inside (an exhibition created by the Montshire Museum)

Looking Inside (an exhibition created by the Montshire Museum) An exhibition about how doctors use modern technologies to see inside the human body Learn More


A 2-acre meadow alongside the Meadow Walk trail Learn More

Meadow Sounds Kiosk

Meadow Sounds Kiosk A kiosk adjacent to our meadow offers examples of the sounds of a Vermont meadow in the summer Learn More

Monarch Butterfly Model

Monarch Butterfly Model An enormous model of a Monarch butterfly hangs in the museum Learn More


Moose A mounted specimen of the eastern Moose, with sample of Moose fur to touch Learn More

Mother and Child

Mother and Child A life-size bronze sculpture of a bear and her cub Learn More

Mussels and Dams

How the dams we build affect the aquatic creatures that live near them Learn More

North Woods

A set of outdoor exhibits on the Ridge Trail and Blood Brook Loop Learn More

Observation Tower

Observation Tower View the surrounding environment from high above the museum building Learn More

Observation Tower Viewer

Far becomes near with this telescopic viewer at the top of the Observation Tower. Learn More

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