109 Degrees Below Zero

109 Degrees Below Zero 109.3° below zero F is colder than the lowest temperature ever recorded in the United States, but that's how cold the dry ice in this exhibit is! Learn More

Grow Native!

Grow Native! Ecological Landscaping for the Upper Valley Learn More

North Woods - Temperatures

North Woods - Temperatures See the difference in the temperature underground and 25 feet in the air! Learn More

Life in Shallow Water

Life in Shallow Water The creatures in this seasonal exhibit are typical of those that live in still water. Some start their lives in the water but live as adults on land. Others spend their entire lives in the water. Learn More

How Frogs See

How Frogs See Can a frog see something that isn't moving? Not so well! Learn More

TOYS: The Inside Story

TOYS: The Inside Story December 13, 2014–January 19, 2015 – Peek inside some well-known toys while exploring the basics of pulleys, cams, gears, linkages, and circuits. Learn More

Prehistoric Menagerie

Prehistoric Menagerie A woolly mammoth with fur that is a foot thick, a tiny horse that bounds like an antelope, a seven foot tall carnivore that has the head of a giant warthog—meet them all at the Montshire Museum of Science this summer. Learn More

Big Blue Blocks

Big Blue Blocks These blocks were designed by an architect to allow users to manipulate their environment and to create structures and spaces from their imaginations. Learn More

AirPlay Exhibition

AirPlay Exhibition Nine separate exhibit components demonstrate the complexity and beauty of moving air. Learn More

Human Plus

Human Plus Human Plus: Real Lives + Real Engineering, an engaging exhibition shows how we all can use our ingenuity to build body replacements, develop brain-machine interfaces, and engineer unique assistive tools that push human potential beyond limits. Learn More

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