Bear Den

Crawl past the Cave Aquarium to the Bear Den in Andy's Place - a quiet spot with a hibernating bear to keep you company. Learn More

Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic Salmon View these aquatic nomads up close and use physical marks to identify their current stage in the salmon life cycle. Learn More

Behind a Dam

See a diverse selection of native fish which live in warmer waters Learn More

Bird Nests and Eggs

Bird Nests and Eggs A sampling of bird's eggs and nests from the permanent collection Learn More

Bird’s-Eye View

Bird’s-Eye View A treetop-viewing platform along the Ridge Trail Learn More

Blood Brook Loop

A half-mile trail along the lagoon Learn More

Braided stream

Control the flow of air through a fine powder, carving channels that twist, turn, and branch. Learn More


Caldera Imagine the anatomy of the molten underworld, in a cross-section, watching how a volcano forms and collapses as you control the airflow. Learn More

Cathedral Window

Cathedral Window Polarized light and the colors it can reveal Learn More


Colored filters change the apparent color of what we!re viewing Learn More

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