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Wonder Woods

Wonder Woods is an exhibition specially designed to ignite the curiosity and support the development of the Museum’s youngest visitors—children ages 5 and under.

Informed by the latest research on early childhood development, this permanent, 600-square-foot, multi-level learning space is designed to foster an early love and interest in STEM learning (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) as it aims to help children become confident life-long learners.

Aesthetically inspired by the natural beauty of New England and the unique location of the Montshire, Wonder Woods offers lessons and experiences rooted in the early awe-inspiring moments of children’s natural discoveries — whether that’s playing in the backyard, hiking on trails, swimming in rivers, or camping in the woods.

Wonder Woods provides developmentally appropriate experiences for preschoolers, toddlers, and infants, as well as a comfortable, safe, and inviting space for parents and caregivers to engage with their children in problem-solving, science exploration, and imaginative play.

  • Infants have a safe separated area with activities designed to encourage sensory exploration, development of physical skills, and interactions with caregivers.
  • Toddlers can enjoy a range of fun hands-on activities to test how the world works and to develop fine motor skills. These activities include ball runs and building activities.
  • Preschooler activities include a multi-story climbing structure for gross motor play, a special space for quiet independent exploration, and imaginary play through puppets and storytelling.