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Solve It!
Puzzles, Math, & Problem-Solving

Energize your brain and spark your imagination as you quest to solve hands-on puzzles and games. Solve It! empowers and encourages you to test your perseverance and problem-solving skills as you hunt for solutions using geometry, patterns, and math.

  • Use math process skills to make sense of problems and solve them.
  • Utilize abstract and quantitative reasoning to find solutions to puzzles and games.
  • Engage in learning tools that present real challenges which naturally inspire the use of math skills.

The puzzle and game exhibits in Solve It! are grouped together by type of challenge and strategy for solving the puzzle. Different levels of challenge provide an entry point for beginners as well as a real mental workout for experts.

The creation of the Solve It! exhibition was made possible in part by donors to the David Goudy Discovery Fund.