Life in Shallow Water

The creatures in this seasonal exhibit are typical of those that live in still water. Some start their lives in the water but live as adults on land. Others spend their entire lives in the water.

Over the summer, we regularly bring in new creatures and release the ones that have grown. These creatures play an important role in aquatic ecosystems. They are often food for larger animals, such as fish and birds. If you look, you may see some of these creatures in the next swamp, marsh, or pond that you visit.

You may see caddisfly larvae, giant water bugs, whirligig beetles, a water scorpion, and more in this seasonal exhibit. It goes on view when aquatic insects begin to emerge in the spring and are placed on view in this special aquarium exhibit. Find a dragonfly nymph poised for its next meal, see a damselfly nymph emerge, or view tadpoles up close, revealing their developing legs as they prepare for their transition to living on land.

This exhibit was designed by staff of the Montshire exhibits department.