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Astronomy Day

While winters in New England mean shorter days, they also mean longer periods of time for star-gazing. Learn about the heavenly bodies visible in the night sky—and even the rarely-seen wonders.

A day of planetary and astronomical exploration!

Enjoy a full day of activities for learners of all ages, covering topics from stars to planets, comets to meteorites. Join museum educators and guest astronomers for a day of cosmic exploration!

Time and Activity Details Location
10:30am — Moon Making Create your own artistic model of the Moon with craters and lava flows. Community Room
11:30am — Meet an Astronomer Meet our guest astronomers and learn how they study outer space and what it’s like to be an astronomer. Come with your questions about the universe! Classroom
12:30pm — Pocket Solar System Make your own scale model of the solar system. Community Room
1:30pm — Make a Comet Cooking up a comet? Join an astronomer as they mix together all the ingredients needed to build comet. Classroom
2:30pm — Galaxy Art Contemplate the beauty of different galaxies as you make your own model of a galaxy through salt painting. Community Room
3:30pm — Tonight’s Sky What planets can you see tonight? When will the moon rise? And does Orion really have a sword? Learn what to look for in the night’s sky this week. Classroom
4:30pm — Star Clocks Learn how to use the Big Dipper to tell time at night as you make your own paper clock to take home. Community Room
All Day: Constellation Making Create your own golden constellations to take home with you. Science Discovery Lab