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Asteroids and Celluloid: Space in Film

Montshire Talks: Space! is a conversation and performance series that examines the intersection of science, space, and culture.

Engage with scientists, scholars, and artists every Tuesday in March, at the Montshire. Discussions will cover topics that range from our quest to visit Mars or build satellites in Vermont to a pop culture look at how space influences film and music, featuring an out-of-this-world musical performance.

From the early days of silent films to the glossy blockbusters of today, space continues to capture our cinematic imaginations. These movies offer beautiful imagery, daring adventure, and a meaningful story made more powerful with the backdrop of outer space. Moderated by the Hopkins Center Film Programming and Operations Manager Johanna Evans, go boldly where many filmmakers have gone before, as we discuss space and movies with great minds and film buffs of the Upper Valley.

Panelists will be:

  • Prof. Yorke Brown, Physics and Astronomy, Dartmouth College
  • Prof. Amy Lawrence, Film and Media Studies, Dartmouth College
  • Prof. Dan Rockmore, Associate Dean for the Sciences, Dartmouth College

About the Montshire Talks Speaker

Johanna Evans is the Film Programming Manager at the Hopkins Center for the Arts. She earned a BA in English (Creative Writing) at Dartmouth College in 2010 and an MA in Literature and Social Justice at Lehigh University in 2012. She continues to pursue both of those interests when she’s not singing, building Legos with her son, and seeing as many movies as possible.