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The Montshire Museum of Science is an interactive science center in Norwich, Vermont, with more than 150 hands-on exhibits relating to the natural and physical sciences, ecology, and technology. Outdoors, visitors can explore nature trails and exhibits on wind, water, and sound in David Goudy Science Park. Visiting exhibitions, educational programs, and special events are offered throughout the year.


LIVE LARGE! Dinosaur Revolution comes to the Montshire Museum

Travel through time and get a dinosaur’s eye view of their environment! Experience what it’s like to crush the earth beneath your gigantic feet as you Make Tracks in the Triassic. Learn to fly as you Glide through the Jurassic. Return to the present day and engage in the most current dino-debates. Testify in T. rex’s defense, save a natural history museum from an expensive fossil hoax, and scale a wall of mysteries as you Climb Through Time.

Embark on three Mesozoic missions spanning 150 million years, mimic dinosaur behavior, and LIVE LARGE in reptilian role-play activities. Experience what it’s like to be a paleontologist who finds evidence of dinosaur doings, and learn why dinosaurs are one of the most successful survivors in Earth’s history, despite common misconceptions. Dinosaur Revolution challenges your knowledge, presents cutting-edge discoveries, and debunks popular myths.

Created by Minotaur Mazes, Dinosaur Revolution is an interactive maze and a hands-on learning experience in which visitors are invited to investigate all things dinosaur…ultimately unearthing a shocking discovery—that dinosaurs may not be extinct after all!

Dinosaurs provide visitors of all ages with an exceptional educational opportunity. Dinosaurs are both dramatic and charismatic—they engage us in thinking about how life on Earth has changed over a very long period of time.

Dinosaur Revolution will be on view at the Montshire Museum of Science September 24, 2016 through January 1, 2017. This appearance of Dinosaur Revolution is made possible by Exhibition Sponsor Geokon, and Exhibition Supporter Ledyard National Bank.

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The Montshire Museum of Science in Norwich, Vt., is a nationally recognized, interactive science museum with more than 125 exhibits on nature, technology, astronomy, and the physical sciences. The Montshire's unique, 100-acre riverfront setting includes the Woodland Garden, nature trails, David Goudy Science Park, and the Hughes Pavilion. Visiting exhibitions, education programs, and special events are offered throughout the year. Open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (closed Thanksgiving and Christmas).

Minotaur Mazes is a Seattle based company that travels around the world to create interactive and educational exhibits for adults and children alike. With each new exhibit, they strive to foster curiosity, empathy, personal and global responsibility as they seek not simply to educate, but to transform the world and those who share it.