Museum Trustees & Staff

Montshire Museum Board of Trustees, 2017-2018

Jay Benson, Chair - Board of Trustees

  • Clay Adams
  • Emily Anderson
  • Charlotte Bacon
  • Jim Barrett
  • Michael Bettmann
  • Jennifer Brown
  • Scott Brown
  • Gina des Cognets
  • Suzanne Dudley Schon
  • Justine Fahey
  • Ethan Frechette
  • Gail Gentes
  • Joe Helble
  • Frank Leibly
  • Walter Paine
  • Margaret Rightmire
  • Rob Seelig
  • Jim Smith
  • Marcos Stafne
  • Peter Stein
  • Bill Thomas
  • Michele Tine
  • Steve Voigt

Montshire Museum Staff

  • Courtney Adams, Development Coordinator
  • Anne Charron, Office Coordinator
  • Gary Collins, Facilities Manager
  • Greg DeFrancis, Associate Director & Director of Education
  • Rachel Donegan, Science Educator and Program Manager
  • Delinda Dupree, Finance Manager
  • Lorin Durand, Rental Events/Camp-In Coordinator
  • Anne Fayen, Landscape Designer and Horticulturist
  • Michael Fenzel, Science Educator and Program Manager
  • Carol Harry, Museum Store Manager
  • Rebecca Haynes, Science Educator and Lead Explainer
  • Aaron Lamperti, Exhibits Production Manager
  • Kim Milliman, Development Coordinator, Events & Volunteers
  • Trish Palao, Marketing & Communications Manager
  • Tammy Pratson, Visitor Receptionist
  • Bob Raiselis, Associate Director & Director of Exhibits
  • Jane Regione, Bookkeeper
  • Jennifer Rickards, Associate Director & Director of Development
  • Katie Kalata Rusch, Exhibits Assistant
  • Lorenz Rutz, Exhibit Maintainer, Live Animal Care Specialist
  • Bob Shannahan, Custodian
  • Kimberly Shreve, Marketing Assistant
  • Marcos Stafne, Executive Director
  • Rosie Stevens, Visitor Receptionist
  • Maggie Stoudnour, Visitor Receptionist
  • Sherlock Terry, Assistant Director of Exhibits
  • Joan Toland, Membership Assistant
  • Amy VanderKooi, Science Educator and Program Manager
  • Kate Weatherly, Visitor Receptionist
  • Marc Weinstein, Explainer
  • Amanda White, Visitor Receptionist
  • Thomas White, Assistant Facilities Manager
  • Ann Wickham, Manager of Visitor Reception

Museum Hours and General Contact

Museum offices hours are Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
Phone: 802-649-2200
General email:
Fax: 802-649-3637
Admissions Desk: 802-649-2200 x212
You may leave a phone message after hours by calling our main number and following the prompts.
Please refer to the Museum contact list, for telephone numbers and email addresses.