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Montshire Program Policies for Health and Safety

Program Policies and Expectations

Montshire Museum of Science is incorporating the following policies and expectations into our in-person programming.


All program participants, Montshire staff, and adults who are picking up or dropping off a participant must wear a mask.

Daily Health Screening

All participants and staff will have their temperature taken and a health screening as they arrive. Anyone with a temperature over 100.4° F will be sent home. In addition they will need they to confirm their current health and possible exposure to anyone who has been sick with Covid 19.

Vermont Quarantine Rule

Vermont has a complicated quarantine rule for those who have travelled outside of the area anytime in the last 14 days. Refer to Vermont’s public health response regarding travel to the state for updated information. Please note these restrictions may change over time and we expect all families to comply with the requirements at the time of their child’s program. If you have questions about this rule, please contact us at

Participant Code of Conduct

Please help your child prepare for attending an in-person program by practicing wearing masks at home, and talking about the following appropriate behaviors. Before the start of a program, ensure your child is ready to comply with all aspects of the participant code. Children unable to follow these guidelines will not be able to participate in our programs.

All participants will be required to:
Wear Masks Wear Masks: Children will be expected to wear masks that fit appropriately, covering the mouth and nose, and that they can put on and take off independently.
Physical Distance Participants and staff must strive to maintain a 6 feet distance from others. Although we cannot guarantee that children will maintain this distance, we will enforce these requirements when possible, and to the extent possible. Personal belongings will also be spaced apart from others, and may only be touched by the owner.
Wash Hands Hand-washing is one of the best ways to protect yourself from getting sick. Participants will be required to wash/sanitize their hands on arrival and throughout the program time and will be expected to know how to do this properly.

What the Montshire is Doing to Ensure Safety.

  • We are limiting programs to 10 or fewer participants.
  • We plan to use outdoor spaces when possible.
  • We will have a large indoor space dedicated to program use that museum visitors will not access.
  • We have greatly increased our cleaning and disinfection schedules.