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Montshire Makers

Montshire Makers is a program designed for curious and creative kids in grades 6–8.

Design, create, and build something cool—a robot that draws, an electronic blinky bug, tessellating designs, and more!

Calling all middle schoolers:
the studio is open!

Each Makers starts with a guided tour of a featured exhibit at the museum. Explore exhibits with your friends and get ideas and inspiration about the evening’s theme.

After a short introduction to the project, get making! You’ll have an hour to make, tinker and create something amazing to take home. We provide tools, materials, know-how, and snacks!


*Note special pricing, location, and details for Makers at the HOP (December 6).

Date Topic Details
September 27 Amplify It! Anything can be an instrument with a contact mic. Learn how to amplify and record sounds with contact mics and an iPad. Back at the Makers studio, use Garage Band to layer sounds together to create your own soundscape of the Montshire.
October 18 Monster Heads Design and construct a wearable monster head, just in time for Halloween! Glowing LED eyes encouraged.
November 15 Trash to Treasure Hunt through parts, pieces, gears, cams, and wires. Solder or hot glue your finds together to create something totally new and different!
December 6* Snow Globe Circus: Makers at the HOP* Create your own circus-inspired snow globe at the Hopkins Center for the Arts, then watch the amazing FLIP Fabrique’s winter circus performance, Blizzard. Special pricing for this event includes a Makers session and tickets to FLIP Fabrique.
January 31 Paper Circuits Learn to make electrical circuits on a piece of paper—send a friend a card that lights up!
March 6 Slotted Sculptures Use our laser cutter to make your own slotted sculpture pieces: flat, 2-D materials that slot together to create a 3-D sculpture. Make a moose with four pieces. Make a rocket ship with two. All with zero tape.
April 3
Build It!
Release your inner architect when you design and build a city of cardboard.
May 8 Defy Gravity Create an Alexander Calder-inspired mobile. Explore the beauty and science of balance and gravity.

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