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Montshire Block Party:
An Outdoor Engineering Weekend

It’s a weekend of engineering creativity, ingenuity, and fun as we use a variety of building materials — gigantic blocks, cardboard, and more!

This event is made possible with support from Clyde Watson and Denis Devlin.

There are no limits to your imagination when the Montshire’s outdoor space is transformed into a building site for your big, bold, and beautiful creations.


Big Blue Blocks (10:30am–4:30pm) Let your imagination run wild as you build giant castles, sculptures, chairs, and more from our giant blue blocks.
Design Planks (10:30am–4:30pm) What can you build with 2,000 wooden planks? See who can make the tallest towers throughout the day.
Tubes and Tunnels (10:30am–4:30pm) Engineer your own giant rollways of ramps, tunnels, tubes and obstacles. Can your ball get to the end?
Build a Bridge (11am, 1pm, 3pm) Work together with other families to build a wooden truss bridge strong enough to walk across.