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Mindbender Montshire

Test yourself with a mix of brain teasers and optical illusions as we celebrate the Mindbender Mansion exhibition!

Can’t get enough mind-bending puzzles?

Take problem-solving to the max during this fun-filled day of brain teasers, optical illusions, and more! It’s the perfect mix of activities to combine with our summer exhibition, Mindbender Mansion.

Time Activity Details Location
10:30am Optical Tops Make your own spinning top with different optical illusions. Science Discovery Lab
11:30am Paper Puzzles Create geometry brain teasers in three dimensions. Science Discovery Lab
12:30pm Mirror Mazes How good are your puzzle solving skills when the games are flipped backwards? Science Discovery Lab
1:30pm Human Puzzles Try out some some different challenges that pits your body against your brain. Science Discovery Lab
2:30pm After Images Use your eyes to trick your mind into seeing the impossible. Science Discovery Lab
3:30pm Optical Illusions Make a spinning hand-held thaumatrope to take home with you. Science Discovery Lab
4:30pm Master Mazes Test yourself with non-traditional mazes that push your problem-solving skills. Science Discovery Lab