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Explorations in Sound and Vision:
A Musical Performance by Sound of Ceres

Montshire Talks: Space! is a conversation and performance series that examines the intersection of science, space, and culture.

Engage with scientists, scholars, and artists every Tuesday in March, at the Montshire. Discussions will cover topics that range from our quest to visit Mars or build satellites in Vermont to a pop culture look at how space influences film and music, featuring an out-of-this-world musical performance.

Sound of Ceres (featuring members of Candy Claws, Apples in Stereo, and the Drums) is an audio/visual experience with sounds ranging from 1960’s exotica to majestic, synthesizer-adorned, future horizons. Light projections and fiber optics pierce the darkness and smoke, creating a web of ever-changing constellations. Stars, circles, and double-helixes dance around the band, bouncing off reflective costumes and outstretched hands. Responding fluidly to each unique environment where they perform, Sound of Ceres transports the audience into the heart of the great cosmos via a mystifying display of lights and effects, coupled with hypnotizing sound.

About the Montshire Talks Performers

Sound of Ceres features members of Candy Claws, Apples in Stereo, and the Drums. The various members of Sound of Ceres combine ideas and energies to fashion their magical world. Everything they create together—words and music, video, live performance art— interlocks to tell a rich and unique story.