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Color Celebration

Spend a day diving into exciting topics during our special events — from insects to wind power to rainbows and outer space!

Experience the wonder of color in science!

Add some color to the end of winter with a full day of rainbow-inspired science, while we explore the exhibition The Light Around Us.

​Schedule of Activities

All activities will take place at the Science Discovery Lab.

Time Activity Description
10:30am Color Mixing Create your own rainbow through fun experimentation with primary colors
11:30am Chromatography Is it possible to un-mix a color? Find out through this activity!
12:30pm Rainbow Swirls Create dazzling swirls of color using ordinary household supplies. This experiment is sure to delight and surprise!
1:30pm Tissue Tie Dye Design your own multi-colored handkerchief to take home.
2:30pm Cabbage Juice Chemistry Change the color of a vegetable using the pH of kitchen pantry items.
3:30pm Light and Colors Make your own translucent rainbow collage to take home.
4:30pm Liquid Rainbows Create a rainbow in a test tube while we explore density.