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Botanical Investigation Day

​Explore the diversity and adaptations of local plants in this all day special event!

11:00 Nature Up Close – Head outside to collect local plant samples and use our portable microscopes to find the unexpected. Science Park Pavilion.

12:00 Dissecting Flowers– Use a microscope to find out what’s inside a flower. Discovery Lab.

1:00 Plant Cells– Use light microscopes to look at the beautiful world of plant cells and tissues. For adults and kids ages 9 and up. Discovery Lab.

2:00 Seedy Science – Explore a diversity of seeds as you learn about plant adaptations. Discovery Lab.

3:00 Tree Rings – Look back in time as you look deep inside different tree species. Discovery Lab.

4:00 Tree Walk– Meet our common tree species on a guided walk along the Woodland Garden Trail. Front Desk.

New England Ferns Join Lynn Levine, guest botanist and author of the new book Identifying Ferns the Easy Way: A Pocket Guide to Common Ferns of the Northeastand learn how to identify local ferns. First Floor from 11:00 to 1:00.