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Archaeology Day

Focusing on the study of humans through found objects, Archaeology Day combines both science and history through a day of activities that include examining actual artifacts, attending a pottery workshop, and speaking with real-life archaeologists.

Dig into science and history!

Archaeology Day combines both science and history through a day of fun-filled activities. Enjoy a variety of activities that will help you discover your inner archaeologist.

Delve into questions that connect science with the familiar:

  • How did Vermonters live in the past?
  • What tools did Vermonters make and how did they make them?
  • What’s happened in Vermont during the last 12,900 years, and how do we know?

Activity Details Location
11:00 Stone Artifacts Examine stone arrowheads, knives, spearheads, and shards that have all been found in Vermont. Science Discovery Lab
12:00 Flint Knapping Demonstration Flint knappers will teach you about the stones and tools of their trade. Science Park Patio
1:00 Pottery Artifacts Examine pottery shards under a microscope as you try to match and sort ceramics from different time periods. Science Discovery Lab
2:00 Pottery Demonstration Get your hands dirty as you practice making different designs. Science Park Patio
3:00 Historic Artifacts Explore the nails, bricks, and historic items of 18th and 19th century Vermont. Science Discovery Lab
3:30 Modern Artifacts Discover the recent archaeological past with this surprising collection of 20th century life. Science Discovery Lab
Atlatl Throwing Using the atlatl to throw darts is based on ancient hunting techniques. Tests your strength and accuracy as you learn how to throw an atlatl. West Lawn

Archaeology Day at the Montshire is made possible by the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation as part of Vermont Archaeology Month.