Camps for students entering grade 7 and 8

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Follow your interest while learning something new at the Montshire this summer!

Aquatic Investigations

Learn about the lives of creatures in local rivers and ponds while traveling to aquatic habitats in the Upper Valley. Campers observe different organisms, use sampling equipment, and conduct scientific experiments. One day will be spent in canoes studying the flora and fauna of the Connecticut River. Days also include swimming and other outdoor activities.

Fee: Members: $345, non-members: $395

Time: 9 a.m.–4 p.m.

August 8-12 [full] Session AQ7: Grades 6-8


Kinetic Art

Inventors' Workshop graduates and all young designers and builders will delight in this focused tinkering time. Turn your inspirations from the natural world into marvelous mechanical art as we explore the science and splendor of movement. Work at the speed of your imagination to create intricate, crank-driven contraptions.

Fee: Members: $200, non-members: $230

Time:  1–4 p.m.

July 11-15 Session KA3: Grades 6-8


Montshire Maker Camp

Let your creativity and imagination take flight as we take on some cool and innovative projects that jiggle, buzz, and light up. Build a tiny robot, light up a squishy toy, or create a piece of wearable electronic art. You’ll finish the week with a number of projects that you can continue tinkering with and improving. We’ll use LEDs, the latest conductive materials, motors and more while learning about electrical circuitry. Depending on your project direction, you’ll learn how to use a sewing machine, soldering iron, or both!

A supervised lunch hour will be provided for students who are signed up for both Montshire Maker Camp and Kinetic Art.

Fee: Members: $210, non-members: $240

Time:  9 a.m.–12 p.m.

July 11-15 [full] Session MM3: Grades 6-8