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Montshire STEM Alliance

The Montshire STEM Alliance is a partnership program between the Montshire and local schools, through which a network of educators can work together to expand learning opportunities and achieve shared goals.

The expertise and success of the Montshire’s professional science educators is rooted in a rich assortment of exhibits, teaching opportunities, diverse student learners, and educational resources that position the Montshire to uniquely enhance the science education landscape.

There are two ways for schools to participate, depending on what works best for each institution:

  1. Full Alliance Member (school-wide participation)
  2. Associate Alliance Member (grade-level participation).

The STEM Alliance will provide all Alliance Members with:

  • professional development for teachers
  • classroom support and co-teaching
  • curriculum materials
  • access to the Montshire’s exhibits and teaching spaces

Full Alliance Members will also receive a community celebration of science at the Montshire or at their school, bringing together the school community of families, students, teachers, and administrators to celebrate their progress with the Montshire’s educators.

Montshire STEM Teacher-Leader Certificate Program

Teachers can also participate in the Montshire STEM (M-STEM) Teacher-Leader Certificate Program — a professional development program designed to support a network of classroom teachers who have the tools, knowledge, and passion to become leaders for STEM education in their schools.