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Camps for Children
Entering Grade 7 & 8

Follow your interest while learning something new at the Montshire this summer!

Sign up for our camps:

  • Montshire Maker Camp
  • Exploring Nature Through Art
  • Science Stories: Creating a Montshire Radio Show
  • Engineering Design Workshop: Musical Instruments
  • Aquatic Investigations

Montshire Maker Camp

Mix science with creative thinking, toss in some new Maker skills, and see what your imagination cooks up! We will explore what’s possible with electric circuits, learn how to solder, investigate familiar and unfamiliar conductive materials, and finish the week with a number of cool projects to show off. Depending on interest, participants can play around with wearables, create a frankenstuffie, invent a game, or experiment with their own project ideas.

Fee: Members: $210, non-members: $240

Time: 9am–12pm

A supervised lunch hour will be provided for students who are signed up for both Montshire Maker Camp and Exploring Nature Through Art

July 9-13 Session MM3: Grades 6-8

Exploring Nature Through Art

Scientists frequently use photography, video, drawing, and even sculpture to help them explore and explain the natural world. In this program we’ll use a variety of techniques to observe and record natural phenomena and processes. From digital photography to pen and ink drawing, we will explore how art can improve our scientific understanding, and science can be used to create art.

Fee: Members: $200, non-members: $230

Time: 1–4pm

July 9-13 Session EN3: Grades 6-8

Science Stories: Creating a Montshire Radio Show

We’ll be creating youth-powered podcasts this summer and are looking for curious students to spend a week learning how to produce a radio story from start to finish. The podcast stories we create will focus on green living: interviewing our Upper Valley neighbors and telling their stories of the choices they are making to live more sustainably. We’ll learn why people choose to drive electric cars and the science of how those vehicles work. We’ll investigate solar energy and talk to experts in the energy field. We’ll interview local farmers and the people who buy their produce. In addition to learning about environmental sustainability, you’ll learn how to record interviews, edit your audio, and produce your own podcast which will be hosted on the Montshire’s website.

Fee: Members: $295, non-members: $335

Time: 9am–2pm

July 16-20 Session SS4: Grades 7-9

Engineering Design Workshop: Musical Instruments

Participants will spend the week collaborating with faculty, students, and staff at the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth to design and build musical instruments. No background in music is required; just bring an interest in designing and building! Participants with get to use advanced tools for design (SolidWorks, a computer-aided design – or CAD – program) and machining (such as laser-cutters and 3D printers) as they design and build their own unique musical instrument. Join this fabulous opportunity to learn what engineering is all about!

Scholarships for this camp are generously provided by NSF EPSCoR Grants. Partial and full scholarships are available.

This program meets at the Thayer School Of Engineering.

Fee: Members: $375, non-members: $425

Time: 9am–3pm

July 30-August 3 Session ED6: Grades 7-9

Aquatic Investigations

Learn about the lives of creatures in local rivers and ponds while traveling to aquatic habitats in the Upper Valley. Campers observe different organisms, use sampling equipment, and conduct scientific experiments. One day will be spent in canoes studying the flora and fauna of the Connecticut River. Days also include swimming and other outdoor activities.

Fee: Members: $355, non-members: $400

Time: 9 am–4 pm

August 6-10 Session AQ7: Grades 6-8

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