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Igloo Build at Home

Missed last week’s Igloo Build at Home live events?

Here’s another chance to explore the science of winter — now at a special price!

Igloo Build at Home offers a week of learning for the entire family through a collection of hands-on activities, online resources, and videos.

We give you the resources to create your own Igloo Build experience at home. Pick and choose which and how many of the resources best fits your family’s time and interest.

The Igloo Build at Home package includes:
  • An introduction to the science and engineering of snow, as well as its connections to the people, place, science, and climate of the Arctic
  • A collection of hands-on inquiry-based science, engineering, and art activities that encourages your family to explore, investigate and create together
  • A supply list and suggestions for structuring your week of family learning
  • Access to videos featuring regional experts and educators
  • Step-by-step, video-based instructions from a Montshire Science Educator on how to build an igloo, which can be accessed anytime and from anywhere

Register today for a fantastic way to enjoy exciting hands-on science as a family!

We provide the structure.
You decide the pace.

Your Igloo Build at Home experience includes a downloadable guide of activities and resources, as well as access to a series of videos with regional experts and educators.

The Montshire has collaborated with regional experts and educators to create a series of learning experiences that connect the annual engineering activity of constructing an Igloo to the people, place, science and climate of the Arctic, where Igloos are a way of life.

Video Presenter Details
Welcome to Igloo Build at Home Mike Fenzel, Science Educator, Montshire Museum of Science Watch Mike's hands-on introduction to Igloo Build at Home, as well as investigations of the unique scientific qualities of snow and structures.

(Note: This is a Zoom recording from Igloo Build at Home's live session.)
People and Plants of the Arctic Simone Whitecloud, Research Ecologist Meet a scientist who studies the plants and people of the Arctic and learn how the changing climate system is impacting those who live in these regions.
Ingenious, Indigenous Technology Vivian Ladd, Teaching Specialist, Hood Museum of Art Discover the science and artistry in Indigenous technology through this exploration of objects from the Hood Museum of Art—from snow goggles to hunting tools.

(Note: This is a Zoom recording from Igloo Build at Home's live session.)
Prepare to Build an Igloo Mike Fenzel, Science Educator, Montshire Museum of Science Prepare to build your family igloo with Science Educator Mike Fenzel, as he walks you through the process, from snow angels to strong arches.
Become Friends with Winter Dr. Bert Yankielun, Engineer and Author Dr. Yankielun has led the Igloo Build program at the Montshire for over 30 years! Discover the structural secrets of building with snow.

(Note: This is a Zoom recording from Igloo Build at Home's live session.)