Spring Homeschoolers’ Day: The Science of Air

Join other homeschool families for a day filled with exploring, experimenting and building in conjunction with the “Air Works” exhibition.

Turn the Montshire into your classroom for the day, as we examine the properties of air and explore the science behind controlling and using this invisible substance in our everyday lives. Simply drop in throughout the day to join a variety of hands-on activities.

Classroom – 1st Floor

Hot Air Balloons – Build a paper balloon to test just how far something full of hot air can go. 10:30-12:30

Stomp Rockets – Crunch! Using air forced out of a plastic bottle, see how high you can get your paper rocket to soar. 1:30-3:00


Tinkering Lab – 2nd Floor

Wind Turbines (Recommended for ages 8+) – Design and test an efficient wind turbine. 10:30-12:30

Wind Vehicles – Can you construct a contraption that harnesses the power of wind to move? Come find out!   1:30-3:00


Science Discovery Lab – 2nd Floor

Straw Rockets – Play with air pressure as you make a miniature toy rocket. 11:00-12:00

Gliders – Coast through the sky (err… museum) on paper hoops and see how long your craft can stay   aloft. 12:30-1:30

Air Pressure – Experiment with pneumatics using tubing and syringes. 2:00-3:00