Montshire Makers

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Calling all middle school geeks: the tinkering studio is open! Come and spend First Fridays exploring new skills and hanging out with friends.

Design, create, and build something cool—a robot that draws, an electronic blinky bug, tessellating designs. You’ll have a chance to use your imagination and sharpen your neurons. Sign-up for one session, or all of them, or just drop in. Each month will explore a different topic. Fridays 6:30–8 p.m. For Youth in Grades 6–9, pre-registration encouraged.
Pre-registration Fee: Members: $8, non-members: $10; Registration at the Door: members: $12; non-members: $15.  

Montshire Maker Dates and Topics: 
•    September 8: Learn to Solder – Learn this essential skill and make a wire sculpture.
•    October 6: Hats ON – Engineer a chic chapeau in time for Halloween.
•    November 17: Paper Circuits – Experiment with paper sculpture and circuitry to make a pop up card or other paper structure.
•    December 1: Eraser Stamps – Carve your own rubber stamps to create wrapping paper or fun gifts.
•    January 5:  Chain Reactions – Beat the clock to create a massive chain reaction machine.
•    February 9: Stop Motion Animation – Use our iPads or bring your own to write and produce a stop-motion tale. 
•    March 2: Motors, Motors, Motors – Learn about some fun things to do with motors and invent your own contraption
•    April 6: Frankenstuffies – One of our most popular topics! Create a stuffed animal out of your dreams (or nightmares!) with our supply of plush creatures, LEDs, conductive thread, and coin batteries.