Climate & Culture Day:  A Festival of International Understanding

Join us for a special day highlighting stories of climate change as we think both locally and globally!

Discover how science, culture, and climate change intermix by participating in the Montshire’s first international project. 

For the past year, the Montshire has led the international collaboration Weaving Strands of Knowledge: Connecting Culture and Science to Climate Change. This global project brought together rural communities from New England and Bhutan to discuss personal stories about the impact of climate change.  This activity-packed day celebrates newly forged connections between the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire and the country of Bhutan.

On this day, Montshire visitors will have the opportunity to listen to many of these conversations and to start their own discussion on the impact of climate change on their lives. All activities are free with Museum admission. 

Climate & Culture Day Activities

Listening Stations
Hear recordings of personal stories about climate change from Bhutan and New England.  

Story-collecting Stations, 11am–4pm
Contribute to the Weaving Strands of Knowledge project by sharing stories about your own connection to the environment and your experiences with how climate change has impacted you. 

Peace Flags, 11am– 4pm
Contribute to a community art project by decorating colorful peace flags with environmental images.