Celebrate Spring: The Science of the Season

Learn all about the science of Spring!

From baby chicks to flowers in bloom, discover the science behind the season of reawakening.  

Outdoor Explorations 

  • Bird Walk on Meadow Loop \\ 11am–12pm
    Learn about birds, their habitats, and their behaviors from an experienced birder. 
  • Insect Safari at the Meadow \\ 3–4pm
    Grab a net and meet some local not-so-creepy crawlies.

Indoor Explorations

  • Baby Chicks \\ 11am–1pm
    Welcome a variety of baby chicks into the season and explore their life cycle, with the help of volunteers from Welch's Woodstock True Value.  
  • Aquatic Insect Exploration \\ 11:30am–1:00pm 
    Ever wonder what lives at the bottom of a stream or pond? Find out at this science activity. 
  • Ferns \\ 12pm
    Take a closer look at these very recognizable plants and you might be surprised with what you’ll find. 
  • Flower Dissections \\ 2pm
    Using tweezers and a microscope as your tools, take apart a flower and learn about its different parts. 
  • Local Amphibians Close Up \\ 2:30pm
    Get a close look at some local amphibians.
  • Seedy Science \\ 4pm
    Explore seed diversity and adaptations with a closer look under microscopes.