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Sweet Science

Turn your kitchen into a lab with these sweet candy experiments. These Montshire at Home activities have been developed in partnership with The Family Place, in conjunction with their 18th annual Gingerbread Festival.

For information on festival activities, visit the Family Place website.

The Gingerbread Festival 2020 will feature a variety of activities over several weeks, with a community display of gingerbread houses and an online auction to raise funds to support the programs of The Family Place.

Businesses and organizations in several towns – Norwich and White River Junction in Vermont; Hanover, Lebanon, and West Lebanon in New Hampshire – will host and display gingerbread houses in their windows or other visible places. The houses will be on display from November 21 through December 9, 2020.

Build with Sugar

Turn your kitchen table into a math and engineering space by building 3D shapes out of candy and sticks. Download our activity sheet and watch Rebecca as she explains.

Turn Up the Heat on Sweets

Compare and contrast a variety of holiday sweets as they respond to changes in temperature. Grab an adult and a hot pad to do some kitchen science together. Rebecca goes over this experiment. And don’t forget to download the activity sheet!

Sweet Water Experiment

Compare and contrast how different sweets dissolve in water. How do the sugars, colorful dyes, gelatins, and waxes all respond when submerged over time? Rebecca explains. Follow along with our activity sheet.

Lighting Your Gingerbread House

Learn how to add lights to your gingerbread creation. Watch Mike as he explains the different ways to make your gingerbread house lit!